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collier original
Double necklace «Cristal symphony»
bijoux en verre
Clips «Complete Transparency»
collier bijoux fantaisie
Necklace «Love me tender»
bijoux fantaisie haut de gamme
Necklace «Greenpeace»
collier ras de cou
Short necklace «Red Touch»
bijoux fantaisie originaux
Short necklace «The Sea»
bijoux fantaisie tendance
Short necklace «Blue Jean»
bijoux en pierre
Clips «Golden autumn»
bijoux haute fantaisie
Clips «Dolce vita»
bijoux en cristal
Short necklace «Cristal tears»
bijoux fantaisie de luxe
Long necklace «Porte-bonheur»
collier sautoir
Long necklace «Magic Ball»
MB is a unique style of jewellery, each piece hand crafted with only a few of its kind in existence.

The pieces are composed of semi-precious stones and fine materials such as leather and fur - giving a stylish touch to any outfit. Necklaces, earings and clutches with gems such as crystal, coral and pearls create a mesmerizing rainbow to marvel us with its uniqueness.

Modern. Beautiful. Chic

Welcome to Merveilleuse Boutique !